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Statistics for the 2008 Mystery Hunt

The big graph of team progress people are used to seeing is behind the cut.
All teams graph

Other random statistics:

The first 15 puzzles solved (ignoring Abigail Freebie):
Friday, 13:16: Evilmidnight solved The More The Merrier
Friday, 13:17: Evilmidnight solved Little Rascals
Friday, 13:27: SillyHatBrigade solved Little Rascals
Friday, 13:28: varphi solved Little Rascals
Friday, 13:29: Justforthehalibut solved Odd One Out
Friday, 13:36: A Man A Plan solved Little Rascals
Friday, 13:39: Evilmidnight solved Cluesome
Friday, 13:45: I I F solved Special Ops
Friday, 13:48: varphi solved Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?
Friday, 13:54: I I F solved Odd One Out
Friday, 13:54: Manic Sages solved Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?
Friday, 13:55: Left Out solved Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?
Friday, 13:59: Evilmidnight solved This Puzzle Needs A Title
Friday, 14:00: J4cheeses solved Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?
Friday, 14:01: Eigenpirates solved Little Rascals

Shortest average solve time: Confession, which was only solved by Evil Midnight in 55 minutes and Silly Hat Brigade in 1 hour and 7 minutes, for an average of 1 hour and 1 minute.

Longest average solve time: Character Witness, only solved by Evil Midnight in 1 day, 17 hours, and 22 minutes

Knots and Crosswords, Son of the Realm of Unspeakable Chaos (and I am told a team was in the call queue with a correct answer for son of the realm when the hunt ended).

Unique solves: These teams solved a puzzle nobody else solved (not counting metas and the endgame stuff):
Character Witness, Bottom Line, Give me an M, Campsite - solved by Evil Midnight
Frontal Lobotomy, Museum - solved by Monastic Onanists
East Meets West, At Sea - solved by Codex Bodley
Big Musical Number - solved by Manic Sages
Global Coolness - solved by Death from Above (the only team to even guess at this puzzle, submitting 15 answers)
Train Station - solved by Left Out

Most solved, not counting Case Study because we gave out the answer when it became impossible to run this one in a timely manner for all the teams:
Do You Know Where Your Needles Are? and Dream On, by 33 teams each.

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