Andrew (brokenwndw) wrote in mystery_hunt,

Number Crunch: Update

I'll have a full post on this year's Hunt, but I just wanted to quickly get this up since I had mentioned it to some of the Manic Sages as a planning tool. (Congratulations again!) It's an update of a post from long ago where I counted how many puzzles have been in recent Hunts.

Year  Supermetas Metas  Puzzles	 Shortest  Longest
2012           0    12      107         6       15
2011           5    20      108         ?        ?
2010           1    12      123         5       12
2009           2    12      115	        5       16
2008           0    13      119         1       13
2007           1    10       96         5       12
2006           1     9      101         8       14

(Zelda puzzles from 2011 are counted as one puzzle.)

We technically had an endgame supermeta using the round answers, but it was rolled into endgame and designed to be very easy, so I didn't count it. "Shortest" and "Longest" are the shortest and longest metas in terms of puzzle count. I chose not to count reused answers, making the shortest round Betsy Johnson at 6 new answers. If I had, the shortest round would be Okla-Holmes-a! at 7, and the longest would be Watson 2.0 at 32.

I've talked with various teammates about why the coin was found relatively early this year; certainly the number one reason was an incredible performance by the Sages, but I think raw puzzle count is another part of it. Unfortunately by the time these numbers became clear it was too late in the process to add another round, since the answer-reuse structure didn't let us simply add a seventh show. But I hope everyone got their fill anyway!
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